Simple tricks for shaping your hair

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Instead of spending your own precious time or fortune in hair salons, learn several methods of styling up on your own. Once you learn the tricks for shaping your hair at home, it will be possible to have the perfect style every day.

Never start drying your hair right out of the shower, not only it will take too long, but completely wet hair is difficult to shape. Besides, ruthless brushing will cause wet hair to break. Instead, use towel for gentle drying and let it dry naturally while you dress up. When 80 percent dry, hair is ready for blow dry shaping. Exception to this is coarse, curly hair that should be dry 25 to 50 percent only.

For more volume, lift the strands with your fingers while blow drying, or dry the hair upside down. For shiny and perfectly straight hair, sweep it aside and shape only after blow drying.

Choosing the perfect hair color

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Shampoos and conditioners are important to maintain the hair healthy and shiny, besides those color has a major effect on it’s radiance and beauty.

When dying your hair for the first time, the best advice would be to use the product that will wash out in time. Shade of the color on the box will change depending on your natural color.

Brown eyes, darker skin tone women are commonly referred to as a warm skin type in regard of hair coloring. Caramel shades will suit this type perfectly, as well as chocolate or other shades of brown.  Pale complexion and bright eyes women belong to the cold skin type. Ash blond and cool brown shades will look great on them. Red color, from coppery over to ruby tones will look best on pale, pink complexion women.

Make sure to use proper hair mask at least one a week.

How to speed up hair growth

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You want to have a long and luxurious hairstyle, but you are simply too impatient to wait!? Extensions may not be the only solution; there are more and more stories about the natural methods of speeding up hair growth.

Most of the ‘’magical’’ ingredients for accelerating hair growth can be found in most homes. First thing you should do is start with the massaging your scalp with the coconut oil on daily basis. This will ensure that your hair gets the necessary vitamins so accelerating its growth. Rosemary is another ingredient that helps your hair grow faster; add some to your shampoo.

Onion is another ingredient that can be a supplement accelerating the hair growth. Use ground onions and shampoo to make a mixture that will accelerate the hair growth. Let it sit for ten days before starting to use it as a regular shampoo. The result will be radiant and smooth hair.

Ideal hairstyles for special occasions

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The biggest concern for the special occasions, including weddings is whether to follow latest fashion trends when it comes to both, clothes and hairstyle, or to remain true to yourself.

It is critical to have the right hairstyle for the special occasion, not just because someone will always have the photos of that day to show around, especially if it was the wedding, but because you will feel confident. Matching the style to your own personality and, of course, the face shape is a base for a perfect hairstyle.

There is a variety of festive and formal hairstyles, especially for long, but also for short hair. Choose from brilliant curls, elegant chignons, classic up-dos or beautiful braids. Quality hairstyle has to be endurable, set out to last and suitable for most whether conditions.

Let the latest trends inspire you, but do not let them dictate your look.

Importance of proper hair care in the summer

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Summer is primarily a time when you can wear a more relaxed, natural look. Always popular summer hairstyle that works on any length is “right of the beach” look, where you let your hair dry naturally, meanwhile using a product to shape it in a desired way.

The most important thing in the summer is nourishing your hair with quality products that will help her look radiant, smooth and healthy. Summer should be relaxed, but you do not want to enter fall with damaged hair due to lack of care.

Keep in mind that in summer hair requires a lot more care for being exposed to sun, heat or the sea salt why properly chosen, quality products are very important. Use only the one that will prevent your hair from drying too much due to sun.

Healthy and beautiful hair is easily decorated with a hairpin or a scarf for a more daring look.

Tousled, messed up hair for casual look

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Have you ever wondered about those nonchalant looking actresses with hair always perfectly rounding their faces!? Even wind, rain, fingers brushing trough their hair, messing it up only make them look better. Of course, they have stylists and recourses to make them appear as perfection at every moment, your solution is tousled up, almost messed up hair.

Every hairstyle, even the tousled up style, looks better if the hair is nourished, which is fairly easy to achieve. Two simple ways are always effective, washing the hair night before and tying it up to a loose bun, or applying a hair product, curling foam for example, while hair is still wet.

Use your fingers to gently separate strands and set the perfect frame for your face and voila! Brushing should be avoided in total for a best, tousled up results. This hairstyle suits most face shapes and most lengths

Ideal for summer: Short hairstyles

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Chic, daring look!? Short hairstyle is the way to go. But also, if you want to look sophisticated, with a short hairstyle that can be achieved as well. If you desire a sexy look, you can go from a boyish, just woken up look, to a vamp lady in a moment.

Shorter hair make you look ten years younger, gives you a sense of freshness, and the time necessary to care for it is insignificant. Yet, many people are afraid of making the cut, especially if they had worn the long, luxurious style for years.

Keep in mind that even the short hairstyle is ideal for summer, your hair won’t grow back by fall, so choose wisely. The key is to match the style and the shape of your face, tall forehead is ideal for bangs, waves and layers will add volume to long faces and the wet look goes for playful ladies. Pixie will look adorable on symmetric, oval faces.

Whether you go for wet, boyish or asymmetric look, earrings, hair accessory and a quality product will turn your look in a moment.

What does your hairstyle reveal about you

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Hairstyle can reveal a lot about the person, their behavior, habits and lifestyle. It can give away clues on how you see yourself.

Women with a long, straight hear are often seen as persons who are reluctant to changes of any kind. Impeccable, visibly ironed hair signifies a dominant character. On the other hand, women with long but layered hair are seen as romantic.

Short hair points out to a strong character, women with this hairstyle are often seen as dependable. Sudden change of hairstyle and dramatic cuts can indicate significant changes in ones life.

Determined women often wear a pony tail hair style, while the low ponytail leaves impression of the strength. Tidy hair, pulled to the back suggests women who know their goals.

Women with curly hairstyles or those wearing braids, but also bangs often leave sensual but also sexy first impression.

Unusual and adorable bob hairstyle

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Women often change haircuts going trough turbulent times in life, but hairstyle can also be the cause of change, giving you the newfound confidence and so inviting that change. Feeling the time for change has come, many change their hairstyles whether they cut it or simply start wearing it differently.

Bob hairstyles are always popular, if it’s the short cut in the style of 1920s flappers or the longer ‘Cleopatra’ style. This style is very simple to maintain so recommendable for those leading active lifestyles.

Shorter, earlobe hairline emphasizes chin and the neck, therefore suiting oval face shapes. Longer bob will wonderfully fit the round face shape. Chic, curly bob will surely be the choice of the free spirited, playful ladies.

Ladies wearing bob with bangs hairstyle are considered to be bold and strong, but if you are reluctant to cut bangs, add some color that will make your hairstyle unique.

Easy hairstyles for lazy summer days

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Exposed to high temperatures, all we really want is to wear something comfortable and collect and pin our hair at the top in order to avoid using hair dryers, irons or any other heat creating product.

Avoiding bad hair days is especially difficult during summer due to heat, sun and sweating, yet, it is possible. If maintaining your hair stylish is a priority, than a visit to a hair salon should be high on your list with the first signs of summer. If you don’t feel bold enough for a dramatic summer change and a short cut, the next best choice would be a shoulder length, layered cut.

Straight out of bed curls are equally popular. Hair should be washed the night before, barely dried, divided and tied into little buns. Simply untying the buns and letting your hair free would do the trick the next morning.
Whatever you choose, adding a hair accessory is rarely a mistake