Proper hair care myths – busted

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Natural and lush hair can be seductive or demure, playful or timid, sensual or wild and many will agree it is one of the most beautiful ornaments on a woman. Constant discussion on proper hair care and related products breeds many different advices on how to care for it.

Myth that hair grows faster the more often you cut it is a complete nonsense. Studies have proven that hair grows one centimeter on average during one month regardless of its length and clipping.

On the other hand, it is true that washing hair with lukewarm water makes hair healthier and better looking. Lukewarm or even cold water enhances pores closing therefore making hair radiant and smooth.

It is true that frequent conditioner use makes hair prone to greasiness. Choose the one without silicone to solve this problem.

Brushing your hair a hundred times every night not only won’t help in keeping it healthy, but will cause damage and breakage.

Proper hair care for perfect curls

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Curly hair is not easy to maintain, but it can have a lot of advantages. Properly groomed with adequate, quality products curly hair looks truly wonderful.

Professional will usually recommend a layered style, gently falling down your shoulders in order to avoid bushy look. Curly beauties with natural color can afford skipping on the visits to salons and still look beautiful, because of the way curls grow.

Women with this hair type are lucky because it is not prone to getting greasy, unfortunately that means your hair also lacks moisture. What you can’t skip is using quality moisturizing products.

If properly cared for, curly hair will be radiant and smooth, causing other women to envy your sensual curls.  Yet, curly women are often unaware of advantages of their wild hairstyle. Try avoiding giving in to straightening it, especially ironing it for the damage it may cause.


Best kept secrets about hair care from all over the world

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Western Africa is where a black soap is produced, mostly imported from Ghana, but used all over the continent, black soap has a lumpy texture. It is made out of coconut oil and palm leaves, cocoa pods and plantain leaves. This natural cleanser leaves both skin and hair clean without over drying.

In India they use oil obtained from gooseberries that has a strong musky odor and dark color. Oil is rich in antioxidants, prevents thinning and graying of the hair, perfect for raven-hair beauties.

Henna was used in Egypt to dye hair into a rich ruby color. Henna is still used all over Middle East for hear and bear dying. Henna is widely available nowadays, but many do not know it has a healing power for damaged hair.

Awapuhi, species of Hawaiian wild ginger has been used to treat everything, from a toothache to parasites. When ripe, it secretes a fluid similar to aloe vera which has been used for centuries for having similar effect as a keratin treatment

Hair breakage and how to prevent it!?

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Hearing cracking, breaking and seeing your hair fall out while your brushing ritual isn’t a good sign. Loosing up to hundred hairs a day is considered to be normal, but breakage can be avoided in general.

Could it be your fault!?

Shaping your hair while it is still completely wet can cause breakage, due to rough moves with the combs and brushes. Use your fingers instead.

Pulling your hair backwards in a tight bun or a pony tail can be a good choice for a bad hair day. Also, if done on daily basis it can cause damage, especially if using firm, tightening pins or hair bands.

Products using heat to shape your hair are part of your daily styling process!? Heat can over dry your hair making it prone to breakage.

Any treatment that includes chemicals, such as dying can damage hair why it is critical to use quality hair mask on regular basis.

Greasy hair, most common problem among women

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Despite the effort put in hair nourishing and time spend styling their hair; many women are facing the problems of ‘greasy noodles’ just a few hours after washing. Oily looking hair generally creates the impression of neglect, making many women, aware of this fact, frustrated.

Actually, greasy hair is the result of natural processes in which the glands under your scalp secret fat, keeping your hair keeping your hair smooth and healthy. Excessive secretion of the sebum fat can be result of a bad diet, medication or inappropriate hair care.

Greasy hair should be washed often, even daily if necessary. Morning washing ritual would be best because mentioned glands are highly active during the night. When buying a shampoo, always look for the one designed for greasy hair and volume.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Even better results can be achieved if you rinse it with rosemary or mint tea.

Fashionable hairstyles for a heart shaped face

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Heart shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones, with a smaller, narrow chin. Perfect hairstyle for this shape will create illusion of a longer and leaner forehead and a fuller chin.

Avoiding further widening of a forehead is a must; on the other hand, adding volume to the lower part of the face is welcomed.

Hairline that follows chin is always a good choice whichever hairstyle you choose. Layered, chin length bob is a perfect choice slightly covering forehead, adding volume exactly where needed. If you can’t part with your long hair make sure you add some waves or a swept aside bangs that will create illusion of a more rounded shape.

Pony tails or pulling the hair behind ears in general isn’t advised. That will additionally shorten your face and point out to the broad forehead that characterizes this shape.

Rockabilly and pin up hairstyles

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Retro, vintage or old Hollywood hairstyles are making a comeback to the world of fashion, from a Marilyn Monroe finger waves or a Brigitte Bardot blowout to almost tasteless, peasant head scarf updo.

Pin curls, bouncy blowouts, bold bobs can be seen up and around looking better than ever. To make this fabulous hairstyle lasting it is necessary to leave curlers on the semi moist hair overnight. Also, hair clips are essential tool for this style, the smaller the better, invisible from the outside, but holding your buns, curls firmly in place.

Tied scarf updo has been the most popular pin up style recently, possibly for being relatively easy to make, adding your hair a touch of style in just a few simple moves.

For a touch of glamour, red lipstick is inevitable, and always has been a companion of the style.

Sexiest shades of blonde hair

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Going blonde means you will have to put in a lot of effort to maintain your hair healthy and beautiful. Still, that doesn’t diminish the fact that blonde hair is ever attractive and that blonde style is widely considered as the sexiest.

Being prone to damaging, baby blonde looks best on short hair. Bright golden hue roots need to be touched up every three weeks. Blush blonde coloring will add warmth to your complexion why even very pale women can look great in this shade. Balanced highlights on the outer hair strands can really add up to the volume of your hair which will work best if you let your stylist play with some sand shades. Butter like blonde will look best on smooth curls.

Darkest shade of blonde will confuse some people to think of you as brunette. This shade will give you the most natural look. It looks natural, but stylists are using complicated mixture of different shadings to achieve this.