Shopping For The Perfect Shoes

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I usually buy shoes because of its aesthetic appeal which now I know shouldn’t always be the case. Once I see something I like and it’s really pretty I buy it right away even if at times it’s not comfortable to wear. I sometimes have back pains after wearing high heels for long hours. I also have bunions because I have shoes that are too tight. I read in an article that we should choose shoes that follow the same shape as our foot, meaning it’s best to first know the kind of foot that we have before buying our shoes.

Good shoes should be relaxing to wear. All your toes need to be free to move around so there has to be enough space. The heel height shouldn’t be too high. You should also feel at ease walking in your shoes and never worry that you’ll fall because of them. The soles are important too. They should be hard and anti-slip. If you love high heels so much and feel that you can’t live without them, then you should remember a couple of things like standing up straight and putting your body weight onto your heels.

Likewise, the shape of your shoe is essential as well as the type of activity you’ll be doing with a particular shoe and how that will affect the pressure on your feet. We should really be shopping for healthy shoes and Reef has a lot of them. This environmentally conscious brand has footwear that not only looks great but takes into consideration the comfortability of the wearer. The Reef Tropic Night is something that I could wear anytime, anywhere. It has a mattress-inspired quilted PU foam footbed with anatomical arch support and durable rubber outsole with jute heel inlay. I love the color and the simple design.

Another model I like is the Reef Costa Capri with its hand crocheted applique from Guatemala and hemp design at the top. It also has this mattress-inspired quilted PU foam footbed with anatomical arch support. I can imagine myself wearing this while window shopping or when I go to the grocery. For the more sporty type of woman, the Girls Deckhand is perfect. It has a classic boat shoe style, interior suede heel patch for comfort, vulcanized construction, and hemp and canvas upper. These casual flats are so cute and you can walk or stand all day with the kind of footbed it has.

Fashionable Cocktail Dresses at DressFirst.Com

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Fashionable Cocktail Dresses at

Most girls are fascinating with dresses and something chic in the eyes like small things in pink, mallows and even some iPhone cases that are handmade and has these crystals and stones to it. I dunno,  why girls are like that maybe they were naturally vain and wanting all things beautiful and fashionable.

Today, let me share with you this online shop called Dress First that I’ve recently found over the web while I was searching for a great cocktail dresses where could my sister can buy her dress off for the family upcoming events this December month. And guess what? my sister is getting crazed already with all the dressfirst’s dresses selling at their site today. And not just that, because their prices were the most reasonable ever I’ve ever seen in my entire life, honestly, I think they were the most reliable and best online dresses shop today in the market.

Below are my cocktails dresses picks that might my sister wear soon. I will update you once my sister bought her dresses already.

Sheath Strapless Short/Mini Satin Cocktail Dress With Ruffle Lace Flower(s)Sheath Strapless Short/Mini Satin Cocktail Dress With Ruffle Lace Flower(s) – US$ 144.99

I simply liked this dress here. It can helps you to have an nicely board shoulder which can give illusion and make you looking skinny.

Sheath V-neck Short/Mini Charmeuse Cocktail Dress With BeadingSheath V-neck Short/Mini Charmeuse Cocktail Dress With Beading – Price: US$ 210.99

This dress also got my attention because look, it so detailed and at the same time I simply liked the V neck cut of it. This kind of dress may be wear off in various of events like prom,wedding and even some formal birthday parties.

A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Short/Mini Tulle Charmeuse Cocktail Dress With Ruffle Beading SequinsA-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Short/Mini Tulle Charmeuse Cocktail Dress With Ruffle Beading Sequins – Price: US$ 144.99

This dress fits to everyone teens. Because it is for only on cutie patootie. LOL also, this type of dress is well rounded one of versatile because we can wear it in various of events too.

For more further details about these dresses here and for the discounted dresses. just heads up on for you to see for yourself on how awesome they’re there.

Bloody Red Dress

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I am fond of blogging up some quirky finds in here like this looking like bloody red dress here which I didn’t know where certain brand names or collections is belong. So – please bear with me then here. I just found the dress pretty awesome and well detailed that’s why I’ve decided to put it up here. I think, celebrities are the one fond of wearing this kind of dress because it has this sexiness designs on it which normal girls can even imagine to be wear off, I think so.. Though you can still put an blazer top of it and yet it can destroy the whole dress designs having it. So – I suggest, if you really want this kind of dress here – wear it with confidence and dont forget to rock it out with your killer heels on.

How to make a Girl Happy?

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Might most guys out there are quite wonder on how they can make their girl or better half  happy. Because as we all know that girls are usually has this pickle mind like an storm. LOL that’s why guys are having this hard time to catch up the girl’s want or its tickle. Anyway, as I searched over the web a bit ago, I found out that things like diamond rings are the ones can make a girl happy most especially as it her engagement ring that a guy gave to her. Also, a great dress would also weighing the confidence of the girl which can leads her to be more happier in a day.

Girls might also wanted to received such beautiful flowers from their love ones. Because they have this way of thinking that flowers are the sign of loyalty and also the care of the relationship, but please bear with me because not all of the girls are still believing in this kind of sentiment. LOL

Alright, that will be all for now and I hope I can help you a bit in here as you wanted your partner to be more happy with you. And please, keep on checking the blog for more tips and fashion updates.

Use Organic and Natural Makeups

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There’s a lot of cosmetics and makeups stores either brands out in the market toady. Some promises a great blended to your skins and gives some minerals too which can maintain the skins to be more looking fresh and smooth then. However though, some are still composes  some preservatives that can make the makeups lasted. But I found some cosmetic line like Tarte that produces these all natural made makeups and skin products. You can head up to their site now and see for yourself on how awesome their each product is.

Also, I suggesting you to search over Google on which great type of makeups that may be also fits on your type of skins and needs. You can either check on at the mall makeups stalls because they did have some representative there who has this huge knowledge about skin care and makeups that can help you with to understand the uses of each of the products you’ll about to get in. Either way, checking online and nearby store, is a must as you wanted yourself to have these great organic and natural makeups on your end.

Plaid Shirts For Men

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First and foremost. I dunno if the plaid shirts are still in trends these days for men and girls. Because it seems no one is fond of wearing of it now due of these new pieces released by these high-end and local brands out there. However though, I’d still wanted to blog it up here because this is simply my style. Yeah! I love seeing myself into plain shirts than to those dress shirts even though I wear them occasionally as it in need and yet still I prefer myself on this plaid one because the piece is the most , so far, comfortable finds to wear that you can either to dress up and dress down. In short, the piece is the most versatile too among the all pieces today in the fashion industry.

Tungsten Rings For Girls And Men

Have you heard about the new pieces today that these fashion forward peeps are getting crazed with? I bet nope! but no worries! that’s why am here through for you to know on what’s hot and not inside the fashion industry today. This very recent, a good friend of mine who owns the site – told me about this awesomeness piece called Tungsten Rings For Girls And Men – which the ones I about to tell you below, are the one most demand and consider by the fashion enthusiasts today as they styled themselves out. look at the picture below for you to have this idea regarding this Tungsten Ring.

 photo ringgirl_zpsb93aac35.jpg

look at this picture, where a chic girl is wearing an Tungsten Ring as her main accessory and to spice up her total outfit. I actually randomly sees this photo over the web – so please forgive me putting up in here but if you insisted as you the owner the photo and wanted to put it down just let me know though through email for me to take it down as for your request. I’ll also putting up some styling photos soon where most of the fashion forward were wears this kind of ring, Tungsten Ring.

 photo Zurnov-Tungsten-Carbide-Ring-from-Lacy-at-Chickasa-OK_zpsccfcfb49.jpg

Of course, either guy can even rock themselves to it,Tungsten Rings, and I think, this kind of ring is most suitable for men than to girls though girls can still have it as they prefer it though but overall men are better having this kind of ring here, Tungsten Rings.

Alright, that will be all for now and I hope you can visit me often here for more fashion and not so fashion related updates. Thanks so much and happy Thursday to everyone.

Arnette 2013 Fall/Winter Rx Optical Collection

 photo arnette-2013-fall-winter-rx-sunglasses-collection-1_zps2b2e243a.jpg

 photo arnette-2013-fall-winter-rx-sunglasses-collection-2_zps7df224ab.jpg

With the accessories available today in the market. I think, sunglasses is the most versatile, fashionable and functional above all. Because they were in demand in every seasons we may got, like for example at the summer times- sunglasses is a must because we can have our eyes protected  into this Ultra-violet rays that irritates on each our end as the sun goes up at the summer times. Also, sunglasses is in need as the autumn and fall seasons comes. Because it can give this accent on each black inspired styling you have got for this seasons. Look at some celebrities out there who we look up to as this fall and winter seasons comes – they often wears some classy eyewear like this Arnette 2013 Fall/Winter Rx Optical Collection not just to use its function but also to spice up their whole outfit styling in it. I will give you more further details about this on my next post – so please, keep on checking for more fashion updates and news.

By the way, as you fond with the collection eyewear on top. I suggesting you to have a look at the Arnette’s main website for more further details. Because as for now. I haven’t any details yet in hand regarding this. Lol – so – please bear with me then here. Alright, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll have a great day ahead.. 🙂

Korean Men Eyeliner Tutorial

Nowadays, not only girls can do or put an makeups on face, because either men can do it too though today. Yeah! I think that’s how the fashion evolved these days. This recently while I was browsing the video sharing site called Youtube a lot of videos there really caught my attention like this Korean Men Eyeliner Tutorial video here because this quite unusual still on my end, though I really got this kinda tiny eyes or others called it Korean eyes and yet still I haven’t done this kind of makeup here which leads me on checking it out and I might try this too soon for myself. LOL

We Asians, had really has this tiny eyes – without this eyelids on it. That’s why putting up an eyeliner in it – preferable the black color, can really gives this eyelids illusion to it. And can make the eyes looking wider than to your normal eye’s size.

Do watch the video on top and and learn on how you can enhance your eyelids through the best makeups or eyeliner today that are available in the market these days. 🙂