Mesa boogie

Learning any musical instruments is the one I look forward to do these days. However, I didn’t know, really! on where to start off. I think, I needed to buy off this mesa boogie to start with? what do you think guys? because my friends are keep on telling me that mesa boogies is the best kinda instrument to start to learn but I dunno about it nor I haven’t see it yet with my bear eyes on how it does looks like. But anyway, I’ll try to have it soon and make an review soon about it. So- please, check on this site for further updates. Thanks!

visvim 2014 Spring/Summer “Dissertation On a Happiness with No Country” Lookbook

 photo visvim-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-2_zpsf902d76a.jpg

 photo visvim-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-3_zps9ab81685.jpg

 photo visvim-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-1_zpsa54ec7c9.jpg

Vis vim unveils its collection which is mainly casual and rural lifestyles. The collection is mainly a large assortment of relaxed attire made of simple colors. He showcases jeans of different types matched with different types of high quality shirts and t-shirts. These high quality patched up jeans are well matched with high quality t-shirts and matching jackets of the same color. The jeans appear in different colors of light and dark blue. They are in different styles, the patched up types, 2 pockets and 4 pocketed jeans. The jeans tops also vary in color and style.

In the collection, are various types of high quality shoes which are well matched with the jeans. These appear in high leather boots, canvas shoes and leather boots all made from high quality and durable leather material. Available in the collection are very attractive t-shirts which are available in different colors and designs. They come in short and long sleeve and they also appear in different colors. Various high quality jackets are also among the collection. The jackets are in different designs and colors and of different qualities. They match very well with the jeans and trousers shown. High quality shirts are also available. They appear in different styles, colors and designs. They appear in short, long sleeve and plain color. All these clothes are made from high quality cotton, wool and leather materials and they are all durable and stylish.

Need Tuxedo?

Mostly guys are wanted to be looking neat and clean as they’d got into any dates. Most especially now where some teens ( guys) are much excited to have their prom and bring their own date in the night party. I know, guys are now also having confusion on what type of formal dress they might bring on, might mostly pick the Americana or coat type of dress and other might needed a tuxedo for them to rock on. Whatever it is as long you are comfortable in it, that is good to go. But if you wanted yourself to be trendy and hip for today’s fashion. I suggesting you to have this tuxedo.

Roar 2014 Spring/Summer Lookbook

 photo roar-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-3_zpsf9950e17.jpg

 photo roar-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-1_zps6bdffaa7.jpg

 photo roar-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-4_zpsc20f305d.jpg

Roar unveiled it’s collection of spring/summer 2014 clothes which are mainly for the warm weather. These include beautiful casual shirts in many different colors. They appear in white, blue, checked blue and checked green. They are of high quality and light for the warm weather. They are well matched with blue jeans trousers, white trousers and various stylish shorts. The shorts in his collection are of very high quality and are available in different colors. They come in different designs and are smartly matched with various shirts. The shirts bear the label’s signature of two crossed guns at the back.

The shirts also appear in beautiful tie and dye of the blue and green. The checked shirts in his collection are very well matched with blue jeans and blue canvas shoes. There are also high quality t-shirts in different colors and styles. The t-shirts appear in different styles in round-neck and v-shaped.

Casual jackets are also found in his collection. The jackets also appear in different colors and designs. They are made of high quality cotton fabrics; all have zips at the middle and are all long-sleeved. They match very well with the t-shirts, shorts and shoes. Casual canvas shoes are also available. They appear in different colors and match very well with clothes. All the clothes look stylish

Paul Smith 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

 photo paul-smith-13-fall-winter-collection-13_zps98ca13c8.jpg

 photo paul-smith-02-fall-winter-collection-02_zps03a11de8.jpg

 photo paul-smith-24-fall-winter-collection-24_zps033b9dfc.jpg

Paul Smith is a popular long standing British designer .He unveils a high quality collection of clothes for his 2014 Fall/winter. In his collection are high quality uniquely woven sweaters and pullovers which come in different styles and design. These pullovers are made from high quality woolen and bohemian textile art coupled with pastery.

In his collections are high quality suites made from high quality woolen fabric. The suites come in different styles and design, the double and single breast. They are also found in different colors and look elegant and stylish. In his collection are also trench-coats. These come in different styles, short coats and knee-long. They come in different colors and design and are made from thick woolen fabric which is soft and comfortable. They match very well with grey trousers and any type of shoes.

Paul Smith also has high quality perked sweaters. These are high quality sweaters uniquely woven in high quality woolen fabric. They come in different styles designs and colors, in long-sleeve and short-sleeve, round neck and v-shaped necks. The sweaters match well with beautiful and stylish woolen scarf’s which also come in different designs, colors and styles.

The sweaters come in different beautiful colors of navy, brown, burgundy, grey, black, checked and blue. He also has high quality shoes to match his collection of clothes. The shoes come in different styles and designs.

Nike LeBron 11 “Graffiti”

 photo nike-lebron-11-graffiti-1_zps8a2a9ad5.jpg

Nike unveils a unique, stylish and high quality lebron 11 sports shoes. It is uniquely multi-colored with a unique and special graffiti never seen before in the recent times. In this design, the mix of colors is unique and has never been seen before. It has a black and white base with a special graffiti. The sole appears in black or grey and it is made of original leather. The upper part is made up of high quality and unique synthetic mesh which is also multi-colored and looks very elegant and stylish.

It is multi-colored differently, in red, black and it has a fly wire support round the upper parts of this unique brand. It has a warm inner sole which is soft and comfortable. The colors are permanent and does not fade with washing or longer wear. It comes with beautiful shoe laces to match. The shoes can match very well with mostly casual wear. It also matches very well with Lebrun shirts, jeans trousers and casual trousers.

It can also match very well with short sleeved checked shirts. The sneakers can best be used in playing basketball and baseball because they are made from very high quality fabric which is durable and long lasting. It comes in different styles and multi-colors. It looks very elegant and stylish and is long lasting and durable.