No one can live alone

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Yes! might other may recall the saying ” no man is an island” because people meant to live with partner like what God said in the bible. However, due of the modern days and girls are usually a career women too these days. Girls haven’t spare time just to hang out to guy and eventually to know each other that may led on them being into relationship afterwards. I think, that is the disadvantage of the new era we’ll be having right now, but you know what? we can also use our resources to find the right one person for you. How? well, I knew that everyone’s connected already in the web and your phone has it access too every time, right? so why not to check these online dating sites that offers free dating meeting and some sorts of events that may help you find the right guy on your personality.

I haven’t yet checked any but my friends does. That is why I am really suggesting it to you as you’re now ready to find your significant other and eventually to settle down. I’ve heard a lot of fairytale stories already which couple/s just met over online and the relationship had lasted until their last breathe. Why do I know so? because I became once an dating online content staff which I gathered stories about couples who had found each other online. And I must say, online dating sites are really a helped for those hopeless romantic people out there who’ve been frustrated half of their lives finding the right one for them.

No worries! I’ll be going to share some of the legit dating sites we have on list for you to check out. Meantime, let me then finish this off because I needed to do my other tasks that I leave an hour ago just to put this post up.. ehhe Okay, bye! and I hope you’ll keep on checking me here for further fashion updates and some personal posts like this one.

How To Pick A New Men’s Hair Style ?

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Knowing the best fits or type of haircut to your face it is kinda hard task. Because you are not that professional to distinguish on which is best and in which the proper one for you to use. Someone, prefer their fringe to cut while others wanted it long then pull it back like what Mr. Beckham did. However, It is not necessarily if certain trend hairstyle or haircut does fits on you well like other’s do. Because every human has different cut or shape of face which we needed to consider as we have our haircut. Quite complicated on understanding on what am trying to to say here? No worries, I’ll give you an video tutorial below for you to learn on what type of haircuts that may suits well on the type of face shape you had.

Pretty simple, yeah? so I hope you can apply this on your own and let me know if the haircut fits well to you, I hope it is.. Alrighty, that will be all for today and I hope you could visit me here often for more hair tutorials as much fashion finds post that may help you a lot too, to style yourself out. Have a great day everyone and dont forget to share this post and like the fb button on top as you appreciate this lil tutorial here. hehe

How to use hair chalks?

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A lot of you were asking on how does these celebrities colored their hairs in just a snap. I actually seeing a bunch of Korean artists who has their hairs dyed often even some high profile singers in the Hollywood they did it. But nope, They just using the awesome hair chalk for their hairs to be looking dyed and plays to the colors they want to.

Where to buy hair chalk?

Actually, there’s a bunch of online stores neither mortar stores nearby that has these hair chalk selling out but I prefer to buy mine online. Because in online there’s a lot of great deals as much we can use this coupon code or others called voucher that may lessen the total amount of it as if you can try to get it online. So – probably the best way to have it is by online…
After you’ve got your hair chalk, the next step you probably do is to apply it at your own hairs, so how to? no worries! because I have these videos below for you to take a look at for tutorials thingy for both men and girls. So – I hope these may help you a lot as you learning yourself on how to make it for your own.

This is perfect for you chic girls. I hope you can take a time to watch it.

And this one is for dude out there who would like to have their hair dyed using the hair chalk.

Alright, that will be all for now and I hope I can help you a bit to know on how you can make the hair dyed using the awesome and quirky hair chalks. Have a great day everyone!