Summery vestidos de seda estampados At Zaful

Mostly women are too keen to have these summer floral inspired kind of dress as they have some summer vacation coming up, though of course bikinis and swimsuits are still in trends but to those conservative and doesn’t comfortable in very some reveling clothes I think these lovely vestidos de seda estampados are meant for you. Because these dresses are too cover unlike the swimsuit and yet they are perfectly in the summer season because the designs itself are gone for summer and spring, supposedly.

Fuera Del Hombro De Manga Larga Imprimió El Vestido De La Vendimia

Fuera Del Hombro De Manga Larga Imprimió El Vestido De La Vendimia

By the way, if you are looking for one of it already and you doesn’t find any at the mall. I think this online shop called may help you because they’ve got all the selections of this finds and they did sells out some others too that can get your interests at all. Go to their shop no and see for yourself on how great and lovely their each products. Zaful is starting to sells out some men’s finds too hence you should consider taking a look first on their men’s section before getting the finds to others because Zaful has the most competitive prices for all of their items thus a lot of fashion bloggers, like myself, and even these fashion icons in the industry are keep on talking about them and even buys some finds to kill.

Vestido Estampado Cuello Abierto Cintura Cordón

Vestido Estampado Cuello Abierto Cintura Cordón

And to those in budget, you can still check their vestidos estampados 2016. These items are from their last year collection and still they’re in trends and quality are all the same still hence this was the most practical to do, where you’ll get the piece in it’s sale price hence it wont hurt the pocket that much. I actually bought some already and I can attest myself that this shop is pretty awesome as Ive got an lovely shopping experience to them.


VILLA x Timberland 6″ Boot “Emerald”

 photo villa-x-timberland-6-boot-emerald-1_zpsa693cce7.jpg

When it comes to my fashion, I dot really relay on best footwear nor luxurious one, sandals are fine with me as long there were the comfortable ones and can takes me anywhere. But this recently, Ive just thought of having one great shoes, perhaps booties for me to rock on this winter season, though Dr. Martens are ones on the top list but I think I can afford to have one today that is why Ive made an extra effort by finding such great footwear and yet the price isn’t that much which can breaks the wallet big time.

While am lurking with some online shops, Ive found this collaborative piece here from  Villa and Timberland though the booties are meant for men but I think I can still rock it on because as Ive noticed ladies these days are fond of wearing some men’s wears which in away suits on them well. Hence, this booties are fine as well for a women to wear off.

 photo villa-x-timberland-6-boot-emerald-2_zps745c11a2.jpg

VILLA x Timberland 6″ Boot “Emerald” has a retail price of $180 USD in any Villa or Timberland stores nears you. You better yet visit one of the stores at your area for you to be updated and learn further details about this awesome boots.

Fashion News: Ximon Lee Wins the 2015 H&M Design Awards

Its been a while when I updated this blog with an fashion news update. Because I am quite busy though working with my new projects which is needs to be done at the timely manner, hence, this site gone the sacrifice for the betterment of the project am talking about. I actually love doing errands offline now than having my brain squeezed out by finding an better news to update for this blog but since I think it’s new year. I think, it’s better to push myself more and gone back to the track like what I used to be before. That is now, am blogging off this one which gained my attention which Asian designer, certainly, had won on the recently H&M design awards that is held Stockholm during the fashion week.

On Mr. Lee’ designs, I must say, there were quirky though I think they aren’t that wearable on the daily basis but  think they’d still unique and the concept used it’s quite fantastic. I just remembered an one anime tv show I used to watched when I was a little, the Samurai X, I don’t know if you are familiar yourself to it. But it’ designs has a huge similarities on those anime’s outfits on that samurai x am saying.. You can watch it yourself online for you to see on how resemble they were..

Mr lee received €50,000 EUR and has a chance to see his designs on selected H&M stores. Check the store nearby for you to be updated.

Perfectly made dress for the mother of the bride

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Besides of the bride looking beautiful on its wedding day. It is also given that the mom of the bride should be beautiful as well. Because mom represent her daughter on that day hence she’ll be needed to be looking chic and elegant. Though tyre doesn’t have an idea on hoe they can turn their mom into beautiful swan but I think having her a great gown is the one can help out to be the mom of the bride to be looking beautiful that day.

You can lurks in some nearby stores for the wide array selection of the mother of the bride dresses and gowns but usually, these mortar stores are has these normal kind of dresses for your mom which can’t make no difference at all as she picks on for them. That is why am suggesting you now to take a look online. Because online is the best venue where you could find this quirky pieces that can make you and your mom different and stood up among the rest..

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Online shops has this Mother of the Bride Dresses Tea Length and Sexy Mother of the Bride Dresses that is perfectly made for your mom the day of your wedding. Online shops like is offering an custom made gowns wherein they could works on your own designs. All you have to do is to send them your details like what kind of materials you should use also what type of fabrics you’d wanted to be like. It is pretty easy because the shop has these talented staff that are pretty skilled who can work from the scratch.

The perfect dresses for brides’mother to wear on wedding could be found here: because the shop tried to made an category for this kind of dresses for the consumers to be ease once they’d finding certain dresses for them.

Easy on the Budget Wedding Dresses

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One of the reasons why couples do not tie the knot even if they want to is because of money problems. We all know that everything is expensive nowadays and holding a wedding, even just a small one, costs a lot. The bride and groom has to pay not only for their wedding gown and tuxedo, plus their entourages’ clothes, but they will also spend money on their rings, venue, food, giveaways, flowers etc. There is actually a solution to that, and that is to buy all the things you need for your wedding at a one-stop-shop like This reliable online purchasing channel has customers in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia, proof that they are one of the best if not the best in the industry.

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Aside from wedding gowns like discount vintage wedding dresses, which you can see at, they also have wedding party dresses, wedding accessories, special occasion dresses, and shoes that can be bought at incredibly low prices. Get to see all their bridal shoes online at only sells high quality products that are easy on the pocket so for sure you will not go beyond your budget.

World best prom dress

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Everyone wants the best, whether for career, looks either in fashion. Because people are naturally vain most specially girls. That’s why when the time came by and your girl needs to attend her first prom night, you as parents hasn’t at ease because your young lady want it best by having herself an elegant made of gown that can make her the eye of many that night. Of course as parents you’ll pleased to give your child the world best prom dress but that is close to impossible because those world class dresses are much expensive that we average people can’t take to have. However, you can still have one by buying it off online. Yes! That is a good that most of the online shops today are mimicking or pirating in the other word the most world class dresses from the high-end brands. But it is legit, hence nothing to worry about at all.

Picked looks has some great prom dresses NZ to offer. Their dresses are even close to those world class dress available today in the market but they made their dresses way affordable and in quality that is good for years. You may check out their shop to this link and by there you may see some of their dresses designs that can actually make you amazed. Actually, picked looks has a lot of talented designers and sewers that can works on to the designs and details you’d wanted to be on your dress or gown. Also, for their ready wears they see to it that the designs are well fine that can make you stands out among the rest especially if you’ll have to attend some formal parties like company’s anniversary, wedding or engagement parties.

As of you asking on how to place an custom made of dress to their site. It actually easy peasy. All you have to do is to remember these steps. Firstly. Find your gown to be by picking one of their easy to wear gowns then go to their check out where you could see further details about the gown you had picked as such the material to use, pattern and etc.. Upon checkout you may see an empty box where you could state the details you’d wanted to add up like more crystals or beads and the way you wanted it be to be look like, everything even a single pin you can includes out. After that process, the sewer will take over and works to it based on what you’re expecting and after like 1-3 business day they’ll be going to ship out the gown and be on your doorsteps at the timely manner. Easy right and convenient? So – what are you waiting for? Buy your cheap prom dress today from pickedlooks and it be sure your friends will gotta envied and asked where you bought the gown.

Beautiful Prom Dresses at PickedLooks

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Admit or not, girls are naturally vain and they wanted to be more looking beautiful most of the time. That is why choosing an best dresses for them is not an easy job. Today, there were a lot of stores hanging in at the foot path which offers some great deals. Though, other option was to go onto these mortar stores that are location in some established like in mall and shopping center. But I think, it is better for us still to lurk around on the internet first before further buying some items to these nearby stores. Yes! I really encourage you to shop online than by the pass by stores available today in the market. Why so? because online has a lot to offers and they really have these quirky items that can makes you stand out as you wears them, I preferring to clothes.

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I know that prom night is fast approaching and most of you are pretty much excited with it already. Although, I knew too, that this kind of event can really makes you anxious for the reason of you’d wanted yourself to be the eye of many that day, right? but dont have this idea yet on what to wear? no worries then, because I was here as you back up. Let me tell you about this online shop I’ve recently found by searching some great and chic dresses which everyone’s can gaga on about it. The store called where all the prom dresses were house and some special occasion dresses too, they have. The store is pretty legit because they can only allow the major credit cards as you do the payment, thus, they did have this return policies that you should take a look first before heading to your shopping cart. But more or less, this shop is the one reliable among the other online dresses shop today.

If you are residing in Australia. You’re pretty much to have an free shipping because the shop is locally there. But you should still check on about it upon your checkout for your assurance. They can also make an dress design by you as you, yourself an frustrated designer. They can work in any details you’d wanted to add up to the dress alone and on what kind of pieces you should loves to see on the possible dress maybe. Yes! that’s how awesome this shop that is why I really recommending it to you all as you looking for the best prom dresses to wear this coming valentines days, proms are usually occur during valentines. Hence, it is perfect too for some kinda of formal dinner date after your prom…


Ball Dresses to Impress at PickedLooks

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It is not everyday that you go to a formal event and wear a gown that would either dazzle the people around you or make you look like a total failure. That is probably the reason why some women do not like going to formal occasions, they do not want to take a risk with what they are wearing. They are not confident enough and think that their gown looks awful. But naturally you would want to be the belle of the ball. To do this, find a ball gown that totally fits you and suits your personality. It should also flatter your skin tone and is age appropriate.

One online store where you can buy pretty ball dresses is PickedLooks. It is one of the most trusted dress stores in New Zealand. They design and sell a wide variety of ball dresses, prom dresses, formal dresses, and evening dresses. They also sell accessories. Whatever style you have in mind, whether you want to look sweet or sophisticated or whether you want a length that is short or long, PickedLooks has it. So whatever you choose, a dress from this store will always make you look your best. Their ball dress category has trendy designs and fancy embellishments and only make use of high quality fabrics in beautiful colors.

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The forefront of the philosophy of the design group of PickedLooks is dedicated to the art of feminine draping, innovative design, and the romance of the occasion. They also make sure that their designs are timeless and classic. Their mid to high end designs blend couture style with affordability. All their gowns are meticulously designed, well-crafted, and made only from the best fabrics like chiffon, satin, silk, taffetas, lace, velvet, and soft organza. They have simple gowns and more intricate ones with lots of embellishments.

PickedLooks do not just deliver domestically, they likewise ship to many countries all over the world in continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. Their shipping services are regular, standard and expedite shipping. The costs are calculated automatically at the checkout page when both the destination and delivery service are chosen. For faster delivery of your items, choose expedited shipping. If in any way you are not satisfied with the items you bought, you can return them within 30 days of receipt in their original condition, unworn, unwashed, and smoke-free and with their original tags still attached. Clothing returned without their original tags or not in compliance with their return policy will be refused or charged a 20-50% restock fee. Customers can pay their purchases through credit and debit cards including Visa and MasterCard and bank transfer.

Best Prom Gowns This 2014

 photo msdree_zpsc719300a.png

A lot of girls, including myself, are really fond of wearing these awesome and very chic dresses for any important gatherings like in weddings, engagement parties as well in prom date. Yes! as teens, I think prom day was the day we really looking forward to. Because on this day on, we could feels the maturity and we can also be a lady already and this when our parents could allow us to date someone’s special to ours. I know you can in away relate on what am saying here, right? that is why having or wearing a great gown or dress is a must as you about to attend your annual prom date in school. Because this where can start the great experiences all of the sudden.

Where to buy Prom Dresses?

Actually, there’s a bunch of stores that sells prom dresses. There was in mortar stores nearby and there’s also some over online. But I suggest you then to take a look online than mortar stores, why? because in online they did have the wide range of designs and trendy dresses that may perfectly fits in any kind of gatherings you about to attend unlike in mortar stores where they just got these not so fine dresses, outdated design of dresses, that cant even makes you stand out as you wears them. So – better yet to buy online where all of these prom dresses 2014 were listed.

Other good thing was, in online. You can have your dress in very reasonable price and yet the quality is not compromising because online shops like has a huge factory where all the chic dresses are making that is why they can make their dresses on sale most of the time and they can either lessen the actually price for just the convenient of their consumers. Check their store today and shop some dresses now for your upcoming events and parties…

Classy Prom Dresses at

 photo b3534_zps82910ec4.jpg

Mostly girls are pleased to have the most classy and yet cheapest, as possible, dresses that they could wear off in the prom day either in some type of occasions. Actually, as we approaching the new generation and as we got some great designers and stores to shop today, to choose from. It is really not that hard to find such kind of dress that may perfectly fits on you as well on your budget. You may actually check out some nearby mortar stores if you prefers it, but if you were asking me, I must say! I more prefer having my cheap prom dresses 2014 over online stores. Because online stores has a lot to offers like: free shipping were the most convenient to everyone instead of driving over the store just to check the dress appearances and how just it’s look like. It is pretty obvious that shopping online is the most best and practical to do as you eager yourself to have the most elegant dress for your special day.

Though there’s a bunch of dresses’ shops available today online. But I think the best and reliable one was this shop called were mostly trendy, classy & elegant dresses were houses. And other good thing was, most of their dresses listed in their shop are mostly versatile, meaning they can be wear off in any kind of occasions like in prom night, engagement parties either in the wedding party as well. So – in away, you can save much bucks by having one dress from them then use it in various parties you’ll got along the way..

As for today, is having their huge discounts in mostly of their dresses. So – check it them now today and have a deal before it’s gone. And if you do have some enquiry about the sizing and sort of thing just dont hesitate to contact them because they did have these skilled people who can really works on your details and requests. Yes! that’s how awesome this shop is.. that is why I am so pleased then already to blog them up in here..