What does your hairstyle reveal about you

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Hairstyle can reveal a lot about the person, their behavior, habits and lifestyle. It can give away clues on how you see yourself.

Women with a long, straight hear are often seen as persons who are reluctant to changes of any kind. Impeccable, visibly ironed hair signifies a dominant character. On the other hand, women with long but layered hair are seen as romantic.

Short hair points out to a strong character, women with this hairstyle are often seen as dependable. Sudden change of hairstyle and dramatic cuts can indicate significant changes in ones life.

Determined women often wear a pony tail hair style, while the low ponytail leaves impression of the strength. Tidy hair, pulled to the back suggests women who know their goals.

Women with curly hairstyles or those wearing braids, but also bangs often leave sensual but also sexy first impression.

Braids, from village girl to a chic trendsetter

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We know they exist, yet rare birds dare wearing one to anything that is not yard work, or a garage sale. Truly, a braid can be a simple way to pick up misbehaving strands, but it can also represent a complete work of art. Romantic, sensual, sophisticated as well as chic, catwalk look, both can be achieved with braids.

Thin, thick, coarse, frizzy; there are many ways to describe hair texture, but rest assured there is a type of braid or more of them to suit your mood or the occasion. Choosing from variety of styles you can go from a simple braid creating sophisticated look, or more of them to remain in place for a night out. Nonchalant, aside style braid is one of the most popular.

French, fishtail, classic and inverted, perfectly undone, or a tidy one, let the occasion guide your choice in creating the stylish little wonder.