SISTAR – Bad Boy

I used to blog up some topics that are relates to girl empowerment because that’s what this blog all about. However, quite sometimes though, I really running out of ideas which leads me fail on updating this blog in such thing, so please bear with me then.. Recently, I’ve always found myself hanging in the video sharing site called YouTube. Because there’s a lot of good things we could find in there and useful videos too which we may use in our daily living. I’ve found some sort of video tutorials from how to fix your hair for both men and girls as well on how to cook well in any dishes. But I think what mostly amused me today was these Kpop Videos that are indeed catchy as you hear them though you haven’t really understands it at all.. Yes! that’s how ironic it was.. eheh

This song entitled Bad Boy by SISTAR, I think they’re the one in leads today in the girl’s kpop group, I supposed because I keep on seeing their videos on the top search, but who knows might other groups are the best, I dunno either.. ehhe So – I just wanna to share with you this and I hope in some sort you can relate to it as you having an hard time to understand your partner at this time.. ehhe

Alright then, that will be all for now and I hope that you’ll keep on checking me here for more fashion updates especially some hair styling tutorials.

Korean Men Eyeliner Tutorial

Nowadays, not only girls can do or put an makeups on face, because either men can do it too though today. Yeah! I think that’s how the fashion evolved these days. This recently while I was browsing the video sharing site called Youtube a lot of videos there really caught my attention like this Korean Men Eyeliner Tutorial video here because this quite unusual still on my end, though I really got this kinda tiny eyes or others called it Korean eyes and yet still I haven’t done this kind of makeup here which leads me on checking it out and I might try this too soon for myself. LOL

We Asians, had really has this tiny eyes – without this eyelids on it. That’s why putting up an eyeliner in it – preferable the black color, can really gives this eyelids illusion to it. And can make the eyes looking wider than to your normal eye’s size.

Do watch the video on top and and learn on how you can enhance your eyelids through the best makeups or eyeliner today that are available in the market these days. 🙂