Ideal for summer: Short hairstyles

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Chic, daring look!? Short hairstyle is the way to go. But also, if you want to look sophisticated, with a short hairstyle that can be achieved as well. If you desire a sexy look, you can go from a boyish, just woken up look, to a vamp lady in a moment.

Shorter hair make you look ten years younger, gives you a sense of freshness, and the time necessary to care for it is insignificant. Yet, many people are afraid of making the cut, especially if they had worn the long, luxurious style for years.

Keep in mind that even the short hairstyle is ideal for summer, your hair won’t grow back by fall, so choose wisely. The key is to match the style and the shape of your face, tall forehead is ideal for bangs, waves and layers will add volume to long faces and the wet look goes for playful ladies. Pixie will look adorable on symmetric, oval faces.

Whether you go for wet, boyish or asymmetric look, earrings, hair accessory and a quality product will turn your look in a moment.

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