Perfect style for the base up, triangle face shape

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Less common than the other face shapes, triangle one is characterized with a prominent jaw with clear outlines, and a much smaller forehead. Therefore, main goal when choosing a hairstyle is minimizing misbalance of this shape.

A good stylist will often recommend style that emphasizes forehead, eyes and cheekbones, shifting attention to the upper part of the face. Long layered hair, gently falling over your shoulders will create appearance of symmetry.

Short or lifted up bangs that will open up the forehead are certainly best way to accentuate upper part of your face. This is ideal if the hair length is shorter.

Avoid straight long hair cut symmetrically as well as long straight bangs since those will make this shape appear square like.

Remember, always cut your hair in layers and use products to style waves to soften triangle face shape features.

Short rectangle, square face shapes and hairstyles

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Hairstyles for square, rectangle faces can be very versatile and surprisingly sexy. Given that this face shape is characterized by a broad forehead and a square jaw, the main goal when choosing hairstyle should be softening it’s sharp features.

Almost all layered styles with strands surrounding, barely touching the face will balance this shape’s lines creating illusion of an oval shape. Layered bob is one of these styles, but only if the hairline is above or bellow the jaw line.

Do not be afraid to experiment with curls, waves, bangs or asymmetric cuts. Add some volume at the top and highlights on the sides. All these tricks will soften its rectangle or square shape.

Be certain to avoid symmetric cuts, especially on a short hair, as well as full symmetric bangs as those would only point out to the square shape of your jaw.

Ideal hairstyles for oval face shapes

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Women with this face shapes should consider themselves lucky. Hairstylists consider this to be the ‘perfect’ shape, almost every hair style compliments its balanced form.

Oval faces have most freedom choosing cut and style, they can afford to risk it and follow latest fashion trends. Experimenting with styles and lengths will rarely go wrong with oval face shape, however, hairstyles should be chosen accordingly to the texture and type of the hair.

This kind of face should not be covered, hair should follow its lines and the role of the length is to point at the part you find perfect. Bob styles will highlight your cheekbones, lengthy hair will enhance your smile and the bangs will show off your eyes.

Having this shape has many advantages, you are never forced to stick to one hairstyle as it welcomes change, but stylists agree on one thing, the less hair on this beautiful shape, the better.

Perfect hair styles for rounded face shape

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Rounded face shape often symbolizes beauty, good health, youth or energy. It is characterized with wide and rather short forehead, lather large cheeks and a small chin.

Women with this face shape can choose from variety of hair styles; however there are several dos and don’ts for a rounded face shape. A good stylist will always recommend a hair style that visually adds to the length of the face, and partially covers the cheeks.

Asymmetric hair style, whether you go for short hair, bob or long hair is always a good choice. Hair line should always be below the chin, and depending on the hair quality, cut in long layers, following or barely covering the outer line of the face. Long bangs are also allowed especially if swept aside.

Best advice for an effective hair style is to match it to the shape of ones face

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The phenomena of women picking the perfect hair style from a magazine, only to have it look different and not so perfect on them, is a well known one.

Recognizing the face shape and knowing a few rules of matching the hair style to ones face shape are the most important factors in choosing the look. When it comes to hair styles it is all about the shape and geometry. A good stylist will recognize the face shape instantly and advise a style, but can he dissuade a determined woman from making the wrong choice!?

To learn your face shape, sit in front of the mirror with the hair pulled to the back of your head. Use lipstick to draw your face shape in the mirror following the line of the hair and outer line of the jaw. Whether your face is long or more rounded, heart shaped or closer to a square, knowing its attributes will help you find the style that flatters you most.

Head bands, scarves or bandannas are ideal summer hair accessory

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The right accessory, in this case, head scarf, will instantly refresh your look, draw attention to your style, shortening your daily hair doing ritual significantly, at the same time. Wearing it to draw attention to your new magnificent hair style or to cover flaws, well chosen head band will serve the purpose.

Conveniently, the perfect hair ornament is probably waiting in any women’s wardrobe. In a few simple steps an old scarf can become a unique fashion accessory enhancing your hair style and color or covering those less flattering strands. Fully covered hair or a simple bow will add up to create a fresh and refined look.

Experimenting with styles and colors will help you achieve the right look, playful and youthful for the day, sensual for the night. Matching it to your clothes or other accessories will surely cause some heads to turn.