Proper hair care myths – busted

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Natural and lush hair can be seductive or demure, playful or timid, sensual or wild and many will agree it is one of the most beautiful ornaments on a woman. Constant discussion on proper hair care and related products breeds many different advices on how to care for it.

Myth that hair grows faster the more often you cut it is a complete nonsense. Studies have proven that hair grows one centimeter on average during one month regardless of its length and clipping.

On the other hand, it is true that washing hair with lukewarm water makes hair healthier and better looking. Lukewarm or even cold water enhances pores closing therefore making hair radiant and smooth.

It is true that frequent conditioner use makes hair prone to greasiness. Choose the one without silicone to solve this problem.

Brushing your hair a hundred times every night not only won’t help in keeping it healthy, but will cause damage and breakage.

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