Choosing the perfect hair color

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Shampoos and conditioners are important to maintain the hair healthy and shiny, besides those color has a major effect on it’s radiance and beauty.

When dying your hair for the first time, the best advice would be to use the product that will wash out in time. Shade of the color on the box will change depending on your natural color.

Brown eyes, darker skin tone women are commonly referred to as a warm skin type in regard of hair coloring. Caramel shades will suit this type perfectly, as well as chocolate or other shades of brown.  Pale complexion and bright eyes women belong to the cold skin type. Ash blond and cool brown shades will look great on them. Red color, from coppery over to ruby tones will look best on pale, pink complexion women.

Make sure to use proper hair mask at least one a week.

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