Great accessories to set yourself apart

“Men. Boys. Brothers in romance! Gather round and listen close. Rather, kick back and put on your spectacles, and let’s talk propositions. Marriage propositions that is. Have you ever been to a restaurant and seen a guy have an engagement ring put in his beautiful lady’s glass of wine? I have, and my eyes nearly rolled onto the floor. Men, we can do better! We’ve each been blessed with our own brain, our own bodies, and our own true love, so why don’t we try to come up with our own ideas? Popping the question is without a doubt the most important question you’ll ever pose, so why not do it in style? More than just that, you can do it with style and originality. She’ll boast to her girlfriends about how well you know her, and you’ll boast to your buddies about the very same thing.

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Start with getting her a beautifully hand crafted wood inlayed ring. wooden engagement rings are the newest thing. They are warm and are perfect the right lady. Earthen tones are calming and soothing, sort of like yoga for the eyes, and for the special girl you took out on a hike a few years back, the wooden engagement ring reminds her that you know her needs. They come in myriad styles so you’ll be able to find exactly the one that will make her feel as though she’s always been wearing it.

You might be thinking, ‘yeah, that sounds perfect, but isn’t it cheap?’ No, not necessarily, and maybe augment your gesture of permanent partnership with something that will take her breath away. That is, if your wooden engagement ring hasn’t already done the trick. You might think that a Rolex watch is for men, but you’re wrong! There’s so many classy and feminine styles of Rolex that you can find just the one for her. Those two items together make the perfect statement, that you know your special girl has a flare for the outdoors and an appreciation of the finer things in life. And while your love and ring represent the idea of forever, so can your new Rolex. If it misses even a tick, just contact a rolex repair center and have it tuned to perfection.

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If all of this is not enough for her, and it should be, try tying all of this together by cooking her favorite meal with a little individual flare. If she hails from the north of Italy, try making her favorite Bolognese sauce, but sprinkled with sage reminiscent of that first hike? Soak a white fish in lime juice over night and watch her salivate as you unveil a perfectly tender ceviche. There are no limits to how you can impress your future wife, all it takes is just a little thought about what makes her, her.

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