Got A Parcel From WishTrend Company

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Wish Company ,, is one of the leading cosmetics and skin care brand today online which carries most of the well known and effective products in Korea these days. That’s why if you’re looking with some skin care products I do recommend this site for you to buy off your things. Because they did have this free shipping handle as you’re an first customer to sign up with them. Also, they send out your things with some freebies on like packs of facial masks, lotions, hand creams and all which more for free to enjoy..

What are products they’ve sent out over??

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Well, they just sent me over these 2 awesome face creams from klairs and Circle brands, the O.S.T Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema & Klair rich Moist Soothing Cream. I actually liked these 2 but I usually rather prefer myself to use the orange one more. Because I just got these minimal hours of sleep each night which made my skin, most especially at the face area, looks dull and dried. That’s why having this cream is a must each night.. eheh However though, I also using the Klairs cream 2 times a weeks for me to balance up the nutrients in my skins though. No worries! I’ll post up my product reviews in these pretty soon at this site – so , better yet to tuned in here more often for the updates. hehe

Alright then, that’s it for now and please do forget to visit for wide range selection for their products from cosmetics finds to the best skin care products in the market available today..