40 and up, ways to freshen up your style and color

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Women in their 50s look best with a semi long hair with a highlights around the face, softening its features. Being concerned about wrinkles, bangs will bring out the new confidence for your.

Yes, we all love Judi Dench, but cutting hair so close to the scalp is not for everyone. Consult the stylist and consider your face shape and hair texture before making the cut.

Hair color should be matched to your complexion; pale women can choose form a wide variety of blonde, while darker complexion looks best with caramel and chocolate.

Women in their 50s don’t have to give up their long luxurious style. Best way to preserve lengths would be cutting it in layers and highlighting the strands surrounding face.

Confidence is the best accessories for every woman, so whatever hairstyle you choose, match it to your personality.